Getting the Most from Storage Units in Bronx, NY

Storage units provide a valuable resource for area residents, but there are times when people don't really take advantage of the space they're renting. Self Storage Facilities in the Bronx offer a variety of space options to meet the needs of renters and work with clients to ensure they get the most value for the money spent. If you're unsure of the size unit that's needed, consider a few things before signing a rental agreement.

More Space Costs More Money

That's only logical, and it means it's important to determine exactly how much space is really needed. There are guides available online to assist anyone considering Storage Units in Bronx NY determine which size unit would be the best fit for their needs. The important thing is to rent enough space without paying for space that's not necessary. If the belongings being stored don't take up a lot of space, a 5'x5' locker might well be sufficient. However, that won't be enough square footage to store larger pieces of furniture.

Discover the Value of Climate-Controlled Units

Typical storage units are not heated during colder months or cooled during hot weather. That means property that's temperature sensitive may suffer some type of damage during those periods. Valuable antiques, collections, or even clothing that need protection can be stored in climate-controlled Self Storage Units in Bronx to minimize the potential for any damage. If there are questions about the need for temperature-controlled units, discuss the issue with a representative of the storage facility.

Proper Packing Makes the Most of Available Space

While it's tempting to simply pick up empty boxes from the neighborhood store to use for storage, it's important to remember that's not always the best idea. Providers of Self Storage Units typically have a variety of boxes available that will make the best use of the available space. Boxes designed to nestle save space and make it easier to safely store property. When mismatched boxes are used, it becomes difficult to use all the available space, and the likelihood of boxes falling is dramatically increased. Ask the facility's staff members about the availability of packing materials.

Proper Labeling Makes it Easy to Find Belongings

Too many people fail to properly label every box in a storage unit. That makes it very difficult to quickly and easily locate specific items when they're needed. Packing professionals recommend labeling boxes on all sides before storing them.

If you're interested in a storage unit, Bronx area facilities are poised to help. Give them a call or use their websites to get answers to your questions or rent a storage unit.


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